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Click on the thumbnail images to left of each description to view these students' online portfolios -which were created using the Weebly website builder. These sites range from simple to multi-layered and provide a few examples of the many options available for portfolio design and content.

This site illustrates a traditional approach to an online portfolio, with Home and About pages accompanied by a Portfolio slideshow that features large images and a filmstrip of smaller thumbnail photos below.

This site features an interesting approach -a portfolio of galleries that are categorized by their "Captivationg Colors"

This portfolio has an excellent homepage design featuring large images as links to four primary galleries, as well as pulldown menus for additional categories.

This portfolio has an excellent blog page with embedded photo galleries as well as nested pulldown galleries featuring studio and location portrait sessisons.

This is an excellent showcase for this student's photography and graphic design skills. The site features photo and graphic design galleries as well as a graphic design blog.

This portfolio features a clean, simple design, with a single-image homepage and a portfolio pulldown that links to a page of thumbnails that expand into a full-sized image gallery.

This portfolio is an example of linking your site to a second presence on social media. It utilizes a clean, single-page design, with large images separated by rows of smaller thumbnails, that when clicked, expand into full size images. At the bottom of the site is an linked icon that takes you to her Instagram page with many excellent images.

This site is an excellent example of an online portfolio emphasizing a specific interest -in this case, sports. The homepage features pulldowns for individual sports galleries and a nested pulldown for "other" photos. The "About" page has a text link to an Instagram site, and the instagram site has a link to another sports site, built using another website builder.