•You need to write a brief "about" page for your website.
•If you’re not sure about how to do this, you could:

1. Look at the “ABOUT” pages on the websites of other photographers -go to our resources page, click on the photographer links, look at their “about” pages (like the "breakout" page above).

2. Then write your own “ABOUT” page.  You might include the following…
         a. What do you enjoy about photography?
         b. What inspires you?
         c. What do you look for, or try to incorporate or communicate into your photography?
         (For example, you might say, “In my photography I look for beautiful light, composition, etc…”)
         d. What are some of the challenges and rewards of photography?
         e. How does the process of taking photos change the way you see the world?

Remember, these are only suggestions, your “ABOUT” page is about you and your photography, so it will be different than other photographers’ pages…

3. After you have finished your “ABOUT” page, add it to your website
You could copy and paste it, or you could re-type it. 
Don’t forget to check for correct grammar, capitalization, spelling and/or typos. 
Remember, this is going on the web, so you want your “ABOUT” page to reflect your best writing skills –don’t embarrass yourself with anything less than your best effort.