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How to Make a Photoshop Slide: Profile Page Assignment
In Photoshop: File > New> Size Width:1024 pixels - Height: 768 pixels Resolution: 72 (Make sure you select pixels)

Text Tool: Use the text tool to type in Photoshop. Notice that it will have its own layer. Select all of the text when you want to change its color, size, or font.

To add a photo: Open another image in Photoshop. Use the move tool to drag it onto your slide. You can also use the move tool to move text and photos around on the image. Just make sure you are on the layer you want to move.

To Resize Image: Press the "Apple" or "Command" key and the letter "T" to transform the image. Then hold shift and drag the corner or the photo to make it smaller. You will need to be on the photo layer.