Repetition of Shape Assignment
Repetition of shape is a compositional technique photographers frequently use to make compelling images. Multiple shapes, lines or spots can create a pattern that adds interest and unites the elements in a scene.

WHAT TO DO: Find a series of repeating objects or shapes and use different angles to fill the frame with the repeating patterns. Shoot a minimum of 20 images.

Final Product: Turn in 2 Images and a proofsheet showing repetition of shape.

After you have PICKED your TWO BEST images:

•Correct the brightness of the photos using your in-phone camera app exposure settings.

•Do a screenshot of your 20 repetition photos for your "proofsheet."
•Submit 2 best photos & a proofsheet in the correct Google Classroom period# "Repetition" folder.


Fill the frame • Get close to your subjects • Your photos will be more interesting if you have a "focal point" (an object or something of interest to contrast against the background and to hold your eye) in the composition. Use different depth of field settings and/or different angles to make your images more interesting.

Things to photograph: Shapes, lines, objects, fences, buildings, textures, people –any repeating shape or patttern...