For this assignment, we’re going to explore the reflections in puddles left by the recent rains.

Why reflections in puddles?

People are captivated by reflections, and photographers frequently use still bodies of water in order to capture stunning reflection shots. But traveling to some “amazing” scenic area for a reflection isn't always possible.  Fortunately, a perfect water reflection shot may be closer than you think, especially because of the recent rains.


Puddles are an incredibly useful source for reflections. The best puddles are generally shallow and found in protected areas or depressions, which means that they are likely to hold smooth, still water. After a rainstorm, puddles can be found everywhere, providing a variety of options for subjects and compositions. Finally, puddles are so mundane and small that they are often overlooked, so you can create unique and surprising images that others likely missed.


STEP 1. Read 7 Tips For Amazing Puddle Reflection Photos With Your iPhone
STEP 2. Watch Water Reflection Photography – 4 Quick Tips (see below)
STEP 3. Shoot the Assignment: Your assignment is to use the techniques discussed in the lecture, videos & reading to shoot interesting looking reflections in puddles. You can usee either our DSLR cameras or youir smartphones for this assignment.  

•Get low to the ground & try different angles.
•Don’t be afraid to get wet, but keep your camera dry!
•Look for symmetry.
•Use beautiful light -try shooting during “Golden Hour” -or after dark.
•Crop your photo and enhance your image using your phone app.

SUBMIT TWO AMAZING "Puddle Reflections" on individual Photoshop backgrounds & a 30-image proofsheet in Google Classroom.

•Pick your two best "Puddle Reflection" photographs.
•Use Photoshop or your phone app to crop your images.
•Try converting your photos to black and white using Photoshop, or if you choose color, adjust the tones and color balance using Curves or Levels or by using your smartphone's in-camera app.
•Submit your two cropped and adjusted images in the Google Classroom folder.
A 30-image proofsheet is required


Water Reflection Photography -4 Quick Tips