Light Painting Dave Black __ Student Examples __ Download Light Paint assign

Use a slow shutter speed with your camera on a stable platform (tripod or table) and “paint” your image with light using a flashlight or other light source. Turn in 2 images on their own backgrounds.  Title them:
p6advlastname_lightpaint1 and p6advlastname_lightpaint2

1. Go into a room that you can make almost complete dark OR go outside at night.

2. Put the camera on a tripod or a flat and stable surface.

3. Set the shutter speed to B for Blub. (Attach a cable release if you have one)

4. Set the aperture to f5.6.

5. Focus the lens on the subject BEFORE you turn off the lights.

6. Have an assistant press and HOLD the shutter button for you. (You need to compose the photo and do the painting, your assistant is just holding down the shutter for you)

7. Use a flash light, iPod or other light source, and "paint" light onto the subject or write or draw with it facing the camera.

TIPS: Experiment with different exposures and how fast you move the light.

save as: p6advlastname_lightpaint1 and p6advlastname_lightpaint2

photo of Pablo Picasso by Arnold Newman

Darkroom paint Jes Smith 2015