Advanced Photography Homecoming Assignment

We are going to explore visual storytelling by creating a multimedia slideshow from the events surrounding Homecoming week. 

STEP #1. TAKING PHOTOS ALL WEEK: We are looking for many great action photos and great moments throughout the week -you need to shoot many photos before, during and/or after school.  It can be anything to do with homecoming… creating floats, noon rallies, funny costumes in the halls, classrooms (ask your teacher before you take photos), the parade to the stadium, the assembly…  These photos must be candid, not posed.  We are looking for “MOMENTS,” interesting compositions, unusual angles….  Think in terms of beginning, middle and endings you’re telling the story of Homecoming week through your photos…. Creativity, variety and many, many photos are the key! ….Have fun with this assignment, play with your camera!  Show us your game!

STEP #2. RECORD SOUND TO GO WITH YOUR SLIDESHOW: You will also need to record sound for your slideshow…. so throughout the week use your smartphone, or the video setting on your dslr (or borrow one of our point and shoot cameras) to record audio clips.  Record ambient sound of the noon rallies, the march, or assembly, interview some classmates or friends…

STEP #3.  Throughout the week, save all of your images and audio files in a folder on your desktop. Call it: yourlastname_homecoming  The following week we will edit your images in Photoshop and audio in Garageband, then combine them to create a multimedia slideshow in iMovie.  We will discuss the particulars of those processes at a later date.

STEP #4.  Your goal right now is to capture the events of this week in stills and sound.  Do not blow this off.  Bring your camera every day.  Don’t forget to record your audio and check the sound quality throughout the week…. you do not want “holes” in your project…..

STEP #5. After Homecoming week is over, edit the images you want to include in your slideshow. Resize your images and put them into an iMovie slideshow (like we did in stop motion). Also, as you did with stop motion, add titles and transitions to the project, and the sound you gathered (and music you want to use).

STEP #6. Once you have completed you slideshow video, export it as an mp4. Title your project: