The creative spirit, muse, spark, or whatever you want to call that “artistic voice” within you, that “thing” that compels you to create interesting images, should not be taken for granted.  It is something that needs to be listened to, nurtured, fed, so it continues to flourish.  Feed it and it will grow, ignore it and it will die on the vine.  Photographers know this, and frequently use personal projects to “feed” their creative spirit.  In fact, there are many notable photographers, such as Ed Kashi and Doug Menuez, whose corporate work supports their true passion, personal photo projects. (Take a look at the websites working professional photographers -a large percentage of their sites have a “projects” category.)

In that spirit, I would like you to design your own personal “project.”  The only rule is that it has to be a project that you can do every day, preferrably while at school –and one that does not require the use of the studio during time that conflicts with Beginning Photo students.  Why should youor project be school-based? Because you are here, every day, for hours and hours, and it is where you will have an opportunity to make photos without having to “go” somewhere.  Aside from that, your project can be anything.  Like what? Literally anything, maybe a series of B&W abstracts, a photo documentary on our phone addiction, student fashion, natural light portraits, an exploration of color, an exploration of line, shadow and shape, an exploration of object light painting, the alphabet seen in objects, series of short projects that are linked by a theme…. these are just ideas to get you started, make your own project... I'm just thinking out loud. But, it should be something you can "get into," something that you enjoy doing for yourself.  

For inspiration, look at the linked websites of Ed Kashi and Doug Menuez.

Next, type me your personal project proposal. 
Use the Google Doc that I have shared in Adv. Photo Google Classroom.
In your proposal you need to describe the following:
What is your project about?
How will you photograph it?
When will you photograph it?
What will it look like during the process?
What will it look like when you are finished?
What platform will you use to present your work? (your website, Instagram…)