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Levels is a great way to control the exposure and contrast in an image. Use the levels adjustment pallet to fix the tonality of images that are either under or overexposed. At the bottom of this page is a brief video that demonstrates how the Levels adjustment pallet works...

•Pick a photo that you've shot that is too dark or too light.
•Use the Levels (or curves) to adjust the brightness and/or darkness of your image.
•After you've fixed your image tonality, (brightness & darkness) combine the "before" and "after" images on one Photoshop background.
•Write your name, "Levels" and your period # above the photos.
•Write "before" and "after" on the images.
•Save your assignment as: p#yourlastname_levels
•Put your combined image in the correct period# "Levels" file in the class server (206 teacher).

This is an example of how you would submit a Levels assignment if your images were verticals.

The graphic below displays how the Levels image adjustment works.
Go to Image>Adjustments>Levels or ccommand L (scroll down for brief video demo).levels

This video demonstrates how the levels image adjustment pallet works
(be patient, the video takes time to load before it will play.....)