Photographer Mini-Biography Assignment
Design a 5 photoshop slide presentation about a professional photographer.
You are going to put the images and text on slide backgrounds that you create. (Make slide backgrounds1024pixels x768pixels @72dpi)

Save your images in a folder titled: p#yourlastname_photobio. Save the images inside the folder as:

Slide 1: This is your introduction slide include the following information:

Photographer's Name
Photographer's Website
The type of photography they do. (Commercial - Fine Art - Weddings - Portrait - Photojournalism - Nature)
Your name and period # (You may use one of their images in the background)

Slide 2: Mini Biography -this slide is a mini bio about the photographer. Include the following information:
Where are they from, where did they study, where do they work now, what is their photographic approach, what do they shoot with? These questions are just a guide, you may not be able to answer all of these questions, but do the best you can. Search their website and the web for any info you can find to tell their story. You can add other information you learn about the photographer too.. Use one or more of their images in the background of the mini-bio.

Biography Slides #3, 4 and 5:
Pick three of their images that you like, and put at least one photo on each slide background. (This is a visual presentation, so make sure the images are big enough to cover most of the slide.)