Slow shutter speed assignment           

Final Product: Make 2 digital images showing the use of a slow shutter speed technique (blur or pan).

Use a Slow Shutter setting: This assignment will be to use your camera set to a slow shutter speed. Pick a subject that is moving quickly or passing by your camera quickly, so that when it passes in front of the lens, the subject will blur.

What to do:

#1 Go indoors, or shoot in the shade, or early evening (after sunset) –NOT IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT!

#2 Set camera on a tripod, a flat surface, or the ground.

#3 Set shutter speed to the desired slow speed, then adjust the aperture to the right meter setting. Try using a slow shutter speed such as: 1/4, 1/8, 1/15. 1/30 sec >>> make sure that when you change the shutter speed that you change the aperture to make the meter happy (a green dot) each time!!!

#4 Focus the lens on what will not be moving probably on the background like the image below.

What to shoot: Look for things with movement, such as sports, running, kids playing, skateboarding, bikes, people walking by, large amounts of flowing water, dancing.