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Download the Elements assignment as a MS Word document

Elements of Photography example


You are creating an “Elements of Photography” slide presentation.  This will be done using Photoshop, NOT POWERPOINT, and will be a 25-slide presentation that incorporates images representing the "Elements of Photography" 

1. Search the web for images that represent the ELEMENTS of PHOTOGRAPHY.  
•As you find examples, download them to your computer and save them into a folder on your desktop.
•You can capture or copy images from the web by clicking on the full-sized photo and dragging it to the desktop, or do a screen capture (command+shift+4)
•if you cannot remember how to do this, ask me or a fellow student for help.

2. Put each of your “Elements of Photography” photos onto individual colored background slides that you’ve created in Photoshop.
•The slides should be sized at 1024px x 768px @ 72dpi
•The photos should be big on your slide backgrounds, using only one image per slide.
•Name your slides: elements_01, elements_02, elements_03… continue naming in this way...through elements_25.

•Slide #1 -is your introduction slide, with your first and last name, period # and ELEMENTS OF PHOTOGRAPHY written on the slide.

•Slide #2 -is a summary slide listing all the "ELEMENTS OF PHOTOGRAPHY"
•Slides #3-9 will begin with a "LIGHT" introduction slide, followed by 6 slides that are examples of: front light, top light, side light, ¾ light, back light and bottom light.
(use only one image per slide for each type of light).
•Each image must be accompanied by a brief description of the characteristics of each type of light. 
•For example: Three Quarter Light: ¾ light is characterized by a triangle of light on the cheek.

•PART TWO•           
•Slides #10-13 will begin with a SHUTTER SPEED introduction slide, followed by images that are examples of: use of freeze, pan and blur shutter speed techniques.
•Write a brief explanation in your presentation describing the characteristics of each type of shutter speed. 
•For example: “freeze” stops all motion. (Look in your elements” notes if you are unsure of the characteristics).

•PART THREE•           
•Slides #14-16 will be begin with a DEPTH OF FIELD introduction slide, followed by photos that illustrate shallow and deep depth of field techniques. Write a brief explanation describing the characteristics of “shallow” and “deep” depth of field.

•PART FOUR•           
•Slides #17-23 will begin with a COMPOSITION introduction slide, followed by be six different images that are examples of the following composition techniques:
            use of line(s)
            use of repetition of shape
            use of spot of color
            use of rule of thirds
            use of negative space
            use of unusual perspective, or unusual way of photographing the commonplace

•Slides #24-25 will be two images that are examples of “MOMENTS”

4. Save your work in a folder on our desktop called: P#YOURLASTNAME_ELEMENTS