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Your assignment: Shoot 30 photos and submit a minimum of 3 images and a proofsheet for the CVHS Program Planning Guide. (The three images you submit must be of different people -you cannot submit 3 images of the same person).  These will be candid images of students engaged in classroom activities at CVHS.  Your images will be used in the Program Planning Guide, a CVHS print and web-based publication of class descriptions and offerings, designed to assist students and parents with course selection for the coming academic year.

Save your photos into the proper Google Classroom folder as:
p3adv_lastname_ppg3 (this will be your proofsheet)

WHY THIS ASSIGNMENT? This assignment is great experience for making images for a "client." As a photographer, clients will frequently ask you to shoot for a specific format or concept. This shoot requires that you make creative images while thinking on your feet. It also requires that you communicate effectively with teachers and students to get what you need. It is a great way to build not only your photography skills, but your communicaiton skills as well.

•Your photos must be candid, not posed. 

•Solid composition and creativity are the keys to your success… incorporate a dominant subject, and clean backgrounds for your images…

•You must communicate with the teacher IN ADVANCE to arrange shoot days and times.

•You must get photo releases from each student you photograph. (If the student is 18, they can sign the release themselves, if not, you must have their parents sign it and return it to you.)

•Don’t limit your shooting.  Shoot many photos, then edit them, pick your 3 favorite photos, and put them in the Planning Guide folder.

•Below is a list of classes and activities that can be shot.  To determine which subject you are shooting, we will be drawing corresponding numbers out of a hat. If you feel strongly about a certain subject, you may swap with another student for that subject –but only if that student is willing to switch with you.    

___ 1. Take creative photos of students in the library.
___ 2. Take creative photos of students working in auto shop.
___ 3. Take creative photos of students working on an art project.
___ 4. Take creative photos of somebody working in the design class.
___ 5. Take creative photos of people in Mr. Stanley's computer lab.
___ 6. Take creative photos of people playing instruments in music class.
___ 7. Take creative photos of people reading/writing in an English class.
___ 8. Take creative photos of people lifting weights.
___ 9. Take creative photos of students taking pictures in photo class.
___10. Take creative photos of students in chemistry class.
___11. Take creative photos of people creating art projects in ceramics.
___12. Take creative photos people doing math problems on the board.
___13. Take creative photos people cooking in the foods class.
___14. Take creative photos people making props for the theater class.