was an American photographer known for her photojournalism, portraiture, and advertising photography. Mark's photo essays and portraits appeared in such publications as LIFE, New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and Smithsonian Magazine. For over five decades, she traveled extensively to make pictures that reflect a high degree of humanism. She published eighteen books, received numerous awards, and exhibited her work in solo exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide. She is recognized as one of our most respected and influential photographers.

WHAT TO DO: Below is a Youtube link to a Smithsonian American Art Museum video featuring Mary Ellen Mark, discussing her work and career. To help you understand the depth and breadth of her career, I have included this link to an obituary in The Telegraph (Mark died in 2015) and another link to download a WordDoc excerpt from the New York Times obituary about Mark. I've included this Times obit because it includes a number of additional links to articles and videos about this remarkable photographer.

WHAT TO DO: WATCH THE VIDEO •I have embedded the video to start at 4:37 minutes... This avoids the "housekeeping" remarks at the beginning and takes you to the introduction of Mark. If you wish to skip over the introduction, Mark begins speaking about her work at 7:38 minutes into the video.

•Watch at the first 42 minutes of the presentation -which provides an overview of Mark's body of work. Following that, she shows a series of brief films, produced by Martin Bell, and commissioned by the Novartis, a pharmaceuticals company. These films accompanied Mark's photography for Novartis, and "capture the diverse experiences of children in various settings, demonstrating the complex realities of global healthcare." Following the screening of the short videos, there is a question and answer period with Mark and the members of the audience.